Rabbit Hole Membership 2024

Our Rabbit Hole Membership offers the opportunity to experience an amazing, live music listening environment while supporting original artists.

If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy live music, look no further than our Rabbit Hole Membership. With this one-year membership, you gain early access to our lineup of amazing artists, as well as the chance to purchase tickets for two seats per show before anyone else.

So why wait? Sign up for your Rabbit Hole Membership today and start enjoying live music in a whole new way!

Rabbit Hole Membership

1 Year Membership for 2024
$ 10
  • 3 Day Preview Of Lineup
  • Early Bird Pricing and Tickets
  • Purchase Up to 2 Early Bird Tickets for Each Event

Looking for A Season Pass?

We offer “The Golden Oak” which features a special ticket to every event we will host in 2024!

For more info or to purchase “The Golden Oak” Season Pass please email: courtney@7oakseventgarden.com.